Review and Giveaway: Blissfire by D.E.E.L

Blissfire CoverTitle: Blissfire
Author: D.e.e.l
Number of Pages: 100


Indulge yourself with these ten stories surrounding the endless chase for bliss that we are all constantly running. Each story focuses on a character that is striving to find that happiness that will change everything. Some chase after their dreams, others need to fill the wounds of their hearts, and some even need to be reminded of who they truly are. From down into a bottle to writing under a bridge, bliss comes to us in many forms. Each story pushes and compels you into the next as you meet new people and learn their worlds of mind. Written in a poetic tone, this collection offers a read from the heart.
I was chasing my own bliss while writing this, filling the wounds of my own heart just as each character does. Follow them along and join in their strides for the eternal bliss we all crave, perhaps even discovering your own during the ride.


I am really glad that I had the chance to read this book. I finished it quite fast, it only took me about two hours and it kept me interested the entire time. In case you haven’t realized yet, this is a book, Blissfire has ten short stories about life and its disappointments and unfulfilled dreams and mainly how every person is different and copes with all of these in a different manner.

Blissfire is rather a dark reading, but then again this so is real life so I can’t help but comparing it to raw, unedited life unlike many other books I read so far. There’s not a matter of a happy ending in everyone’s life, that’s what this is about or this is how I see it.

There is a common theme for all these stories, but it’s brought up in different ways, some are darker, others are not and some may have a slightly positive ending while others are on the verge of being tragic.

There is one story that successfully shocked me and it’s called Her. This is the story of a young couple in love and in one day, when everything seemed normal the story ends. This story deals with death. The main character losses the love of his life because she was killed in front of his eyes. I literary forgot to breath while I was reading it and it sent me chills down my spine. It had that kind of violence that only humans are capable of and it just scared me because that was a “could happen” situation.

Blissfire was an amazing, profound reading in which, at least in some parts I could find myself.

nota mea

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