Review and Giveaway: The Big Empty by Ritch Gaiti


Title: The Big Empty
Author: Ritch Gaiti
Number of Pages: 362
Publisher: Sedona Editions


He held the fate of a nation — and didn’t know it. A gritty lawyer uncovers an ancient conspiracy and the betrayal of a man and a people. A socially significant mystery/thriller.


Every instinct I had told me to get out but I couldn’t, not now. This simple case would trigger repercussions that would unnerve the city, maybe the country. I was about to open doors that had been nailed shut for a lifetime. And the only path to the truth was through a labyrinth of deceit. I trusted no one, not even myself. My stomach tightened.

The ten years had slipped by like a century. I never thought I’d see New York again and now I find myself buried in its bowels, unsure of what I was after—but I knew I had to find it. I snaked through the city bureaucracy, historical landmarks and some of the most prominent properties in the city, all intricately linked. Nothing fit, yet everything connected and answers only bred more questions. Somehow it had all been mysteriously tied back to me.

I ventured into the darkest tunnel of all, my own. I realized then why I was chosen—why I had been the only one that could find this elusive document. Deep within a maze of deceptions and betrayals, I uncovered a massive conspiracy among the most esteemed organizations in the world—and the truth that had sent my life into a tailspin ten years ago was far from true. Suddenly, this seemingly routine assignment had enormous stakes and consequences. Now it was up to me to mend an ancient injustice and the fate of an entire culture.


Ten years have passed since Rick Wallace tried to hide from this past. He run away from New York and now was working as an attorney in Arizona with its business going down. Until the day he receives a mission that surpasses his experience as an attorney. The problem? He needs to go back to New York and he could have said no, but with his business collapsing he chooses to face his past.

He soon finds himself on the streets of New York trying to put together the pieces of a puzzle that doesn’t make sense, but at the same time his past seems to chase him. He meets with people he used to know with some by mistake and with others forced by the circumstances, which he fails to trust. Yet he chooses to confide in new allies. Slowly his life how he knew it, for the past ten years, changes and he is not afraid anymore. Unknowingly he rediscovers himself while working on the case and at times he seems to estrange a little from his life in Arizona.

The Big Empty is equal to that kind of classic detective story with a lot of mystery and unpredictable from the beginning until the end. I loved that I had no clue where Rick’s actions would lead in the end, that I could feel the paranoia towards the other characters along with him.

The only problem I had was that the book was in first and at times in third person. It always took me a while to adjust to the third person part of the story, but it was necessary for the reader to see glimpses of other characters’ actions.

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